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About Us

Utah Online K-12 is part of the Washington County School District. We are a FREE public school. We are open to ALL students in grades K-12 living ANYWHERE in the state of Utah. UOS currently has over 50 staff and faculty members serving more than 2,000 students. We are committed to providing quality educational services that encourage the personal progress of our students. We believe that by transforming traditional educational methods we can champion individual growth.



Hi, I'm Chris and I love Utah Online! I have been a student here since 2009. I have several medical and neurological issues that make traditional school a nightmare for me. With Utah Online I can work at my own pace and at my own level. If I don't feel up to school in the morning, I can wait until the afternoon or evening when I feel better. If I have to travel for appointments, I just pack my laptop and my classroom is where ever I need it to be.

- Chris


I attended public school until the beginning of my Sophomore year of High School. I loved the classes I was attending, but we were learning the material slowly to accommodate kids that were not quite getting the concepts. My mom had mentioned the possibility of being Online Schooled. One day I came home extremely frustrated and I told my mom to sign me up. I loved it! It was perfect for me. UOS was a great match for my needs and I am happy to say that I graduated as Valedictorian from UOS in 2014!

- Kaitlin


I love the flexibility of teaching my children at their own pace and level. My son is very advanced and is able to school a year ahead of his supposed grade level. He would be so bored in a traditional school. This way he is challenged and more advanced. I also like that kids can work hard and have the curriculum from the next school year early. Then they have the summer to work on another grade level rather than forgetting everything they just learned.

- Nicholas


We love schooling with UOS! We are from Utah but currently live in Brazil. We school in the morning and spend the afternoon surfing, collecting seashells and playing soccer! When we were making the decision to move to Brazil, I knew there would not be a good schooling option for my children. UOS has given us the confidence and flexibly to live our dream to live in Brazil while giving our children a fantastic schooling experience!

- Julie

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can my elementary school age student take part-time classes with UOS?
A:  Utah Online allows all students including elementary students to split enroll.

Q:  Can high school students transfer credits earned from a UOS program to a public school?
A:  Yes, UOS 7-12 curriculum is available both part-time and full-time; this enables students to take individual classes online, while still remaining enrolled in a traditional brick and mortar high school.

Q:  If I home-school students, do I have to create my own curriculum?
A:  No, UOS provides curriculum and training for those who teach at home.

Q:  How much does it cost to enroll in a UOS program?
A:  UOS programs are publicly funded and are completely free to the student.

Q:  How does UOS pay for teachers and courses?
A:  Because UOS is a publicly funded school, all programs are paid through the State and corresponding public school districts.

Q:  Is UOS accredited?
A:  Yes, UOS is fully accredited through the Utah Department of Education and the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

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